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If you are looking for quality senior caregivers in Tampa, Florida, trust the experts at Home Care Assistance of South Tampa. As a recognized leader in the industry, we are very selective with our employment process and only hire one in 25 applicants. We also conduct extensive screenings and background checks to ensure our caregivers are the best fit for our company and clients. To protect our clients against liability, we hire our caregivers as employees, not independent contractors.

When you work with Home Care Assistance of South Tampa, you can be confident your loved ones will receive the care they need when they need it. We are available 24/7 and during the evenings and on holidays. Our employees receive training in various care areas to better fit your needs, including our exclusive Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ to help promote long-term brain health and engagement.

A personality match between our in-home caregivers and clients is an essential aspect of our at-home care process. We strive to ensure our senior home caregivers’ personalities and your aging loved one’s preferences will work well together for a greater connection and improved care. Another benefit of working with our service is that your caregiver will remain the same as long as you feel satisfied with their performance.

Meet Our Owners

Home Care Assistance of South Tampa is co-owned by Pedro J. González Soto, MD, and Edna González Soto. Pedro received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 2009 and has dedicated his career to providing care for elderly and disabled adults. Edna’s background as an attorney makes her an effective communicator for her clients. Her leadership abilities allow her to understand her clients’ needs and ensure they are receiving the correct care.

Admin - President/Owner

Pedro J. González Soto, MD – Owner

Pedro J. González Soto, MD, is a patient-focused and detail-oriented medical professional. He has over eight years of experience in the healthcare industry and expertise in rehabilitative care and in-home care assistance. Pedro serves the elderly and disabled adults alongside his sister, Edna González Soto. Together, they own and operate Home Care Assistance of South Tampa.

Previously, Pedro served as Director of Physician Development for Integrated Rehab Consultants. In this role, he established and fostered positive relations with medical staff and the community, assisted with physician recruitment and identified and evaluated physician needs.

As a compassionate, innovative and attentive caregiver, Pedro enjoys establishing a connection with patients while providing exceptional care and assistance to seniors. Pedro’s straightforward approach and eagerness to address patient concerns and questions allow him to understand each patient and provide a comfortable and safe environment. During his experience as a rehabilitation specialist consultant in subacute rehab facilities, Pedro recognized the need for home care services for hospitalized patients unable to receive a discharge and return to their homes because of the extensive assistance they required.

Pedro and his sister have experienced such unfortunate circumstances firsthand, as they participated in the search for caregivers for their own close relatives. Growing up with an older father who had endured cancer and several strokes introduced them to the importance of constant care. Pedro’s search for reliable, continual care encouraged him to advance in the medical field and work with his sister to help other families in similar situations.

Pedro obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2009. He completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at NYU Medical Center, and he has a license in both New York and Illinois. He is a member of the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

Edna Gonzalez Owner of Home Care Assistance of South Tampa

Edna González Soto – Owner/Client Care Manager

Edna González Soto is a licensed attorney in Puerto Rico. She and her brother, Pedro, partner together in following their ambition to provide exceptional home care to elderly and disabled adults with Home Care Assistance of South Tampa. As the owner and client care manager, Edna focuses on assessing client needs and providing high-quality care.

While practicing as an attorney, Edna encountered many situations where her clients and their loved ones needed care but struggled to find assistance. Some clients establishing their wills were in unfortunate situations with nobody to care for them. Other clients requested guidance regarding their parents, who were no longer able to live independently.

Instances such as these inspired Edna to pursue a career utilizing both her legal experience and her passion for providing care for the elderly. Edna’s experience as an attorney gives her the leadership ability and the necessary tools to understand clients’ needs and effectively communicate with them and their families.

In addition to Edna’s professional experience assisting clients with care needs during unfortunate circumstances, much of her motivation for providing home care stems from her relationship with her father. Her father was older and battled cancer when Edna was very young. Edna decided to take care of him after he suffered various health complications in addition to his cancer, including strokes and dementia.

Edna has a deeply personal understanding of the importance of having home care services available. She aspires to help others find the security and relief of knowing that they and their loved ones can receive care in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Caregivers

As a Southern Tampa senior home care provider, we keep your aging loved one comfortable and safe while allowing them to maintain a sense of purpose. Our caregivers are vital to Home Care Assistance of South Tampa, and we aim to hire and retain the best possible caretakers to help seniors live happy and healthy lives.

The Best Caregivers in the Industry

The selective hiring process at Home Care Assistance of South Tampa allows us to find and hire the best individuals for the job. All applicants undergo extensive background and reference checks and must pass exams that test for specific personality traits. Our employees are genuinely passionate about helping seniors and serving the senior care industry. We bond and ensure all our employees in addition to managing payroll and benefits to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on what really matters — your loved ones.

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