Cell Phones for Seniors: Why Every Older Adult in South Tampa, FL Should Have a Mobile Device

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By Edna González Soto, 4:11 pm on September 28, 2020

This is something we think every older adult in the South Tampa area should get on board with — having a smart phone! It’s uncommon not to own a mobile device these days, but still, we find that many seniors don’t. Whether it’s a smart phone or a simple flip phone, having a mobile device provides numerous benefits for seniors and are worth looking into! Below, we’re giving you our…

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By Edna González Soto, 6:57 am on September 20, 2020

What’s the impact of Covid19 in the Home Care Industry and what is the role Digital Marketing Plays? Coronavirus outbreak will impact almost every aspect of how homecare businesses operate and, most importantly, life as we know it. It has made us aware of how vulnerable and human we are. However, with my experience and knowledge as a doctor, I’m confident that if we provide proactive type care, our industry will thrive. Our mission is to support more patients at home amid nearly nationwide stay-at-home orders. The question now is, how do we protect our seniors during these difficult times we are living? While there’s not a simple answer to this question. It’s crucial to follow all CDC and WHO…

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By Edna González Soto, 8:20 pm on September 17, 2020

We love to celebrate seniors by sharing useful information with them and their caregivers. That includes big discounts during the 2020 year available for those in senior care! Companies are offering savings in food, grocery, retail, prescriptions and travel all so seniors can save. Read on below and discover which discounts are available for a senior you love throughout the South Tampa area. Food Applebee’s: Meals at Applebee’s taste even…

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By Edna González Soto, 8:49 am on August 31, 2020

We love supporting charities that benefit seniors here at Home Care Assistance! It’s one of our favorite ways for us to get involved in the local communities we serve, and we place a high value on that. A lot goes into choosing an organization to support, and you’ll want to look for one with a sound reputation and many trained professionals. Here are our 5 favorite senior charities below. Meals…

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By Edna González Soto, 1:58 pm on August 24, 2020

Home care provides several excellent benefits for seniors, including aging with dignity and enjoying the comfort of a familiar home. But still, home care can present its challenges as well. One of the biggest obstacles is ensuring that the home is well-suited to provide safety to the senior, and that often means making some updates with medical equipment. Whether a senior needs assistance with mobility or just performing daily tasks,…

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By Edna González Soto, 10:28 am on July 27, 2020

Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to caring for an elderly loved one – especially when your senior is living with you in your home. Senior care can be a challenge within your own home when it comes to accessibility and safety. While your home may be comfortable for you and your family, for your senior, it might present many obstacles. Fortunately, there are quite a few…

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By Edna González Soto, 10:52 am on July 13, 2020

Over the past decade, the rise in senior scams and various methods of elder abuse have positioned seniors among some of society’s most vulnerable groups of people. As seniors continue to be targets every year, the demand for elder justice has gained national attention and pressured Congress for action and protection. Take a look below and learn more about elder justice and what Congress is currently doing to put it…

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By Edna González Soto, 8:33 pm on June 29, 2020

It’s that dreaded time of the year again for those with seasonal allergies… The start of summertime when the pollen counts are high! If this is true for your senior, we know the struggle they are going through right now. Fortunately for them, there are several effective remedies that can relieve them of their allergy symptoms! Let’s take a look below and learn how you can help your senior manage…

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By Edna González Soto, 11:16 am on June 17, 2020

What’s one of the things that has remained constant during the progression of the Coronavirus? Older Adults continue to be categorized as a group that is most at risk of catching the disease. There are multiple reasons why seniors are more susceptible, and we’re discussing them below. But please do not panic – we’re also sharing how your seniors loved one can stay healthy during these times. Why Are Older…

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By Edna González Soto, 1:33 pm on June 1, 2020

Keeping ourselves in good physical health is imperative to our overall wellbeing and being in shape comes with many benefits that many of us are aware of. But did you know that keeping the mind mentally fit is just as important? This is particularly true for seniors in home care! A well-functioning mind is essential for good senior health and can be achieved with several workouts for the brain. We’ve shared some of our favorite ways to stay mentally sharp below! Word and Number Puzzles and Games Who knew? Popular games and puzzles can help your senior get the critical thinking workout they need! Word games like word searches or crossword puzzles are effective in increasing your senior’s vocabulary and…

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