10 Helpful Tips to Decrease the Risks of a Senior Falling

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Your senior loved one in home care deserves the very best. No exceptions! They should have qualified and compassionate caregivers accompanied by world-class senior care services. We also think they should remain as safe as possible in the comfort of their own home! Safety in the home should be a top priority, especially when it comes to reducing the risk of a fall. You can take several steps to help ensure your senior is safe at home by lowering their fall risks.

  1. Know Their Risk Factors. Your senior should visit their doctor to go over any conditions that can be fall hazards, like vision impairment, arthritis, or memory loss, for example.
  2. Help Them Exercise. Getting the right amount of exercise is essential! Ask a doctor about exercise routines to build muscles and amp up endurance.
  3. Check for Issues with Balance. Falls can happen sometimes due to problems with balance, which can be caused by disorders of the vestibular system. Ask their doctor about testing for their balance.
  4. Get a Home Inspection. Not a full-blown inspection, but one that is fall-specific! A professional can come to your senior’s home and make sure it is safe from fall hazards.
  5. Review Their Medications. It is common for medications to cause side effects, especially when combined! Have a doctor review a list of their medications.
  6. Get Their Vision Checked Regularly. Frequent eye exams and vision tests can let you know if your senior is seeing clearly and making them less likely to fall.
  7. Give Them Proper Nutrition. Receiving the right nutrients through proper nutrition can contribute to muscle and bone strength!
  8. Use Walking Aids. If your senior uses a cane or walker for mobility, make sure they are using them properly and that it is correctly fitted to them.
  9. Avoid Distracted Walking. Lay down some easy rules, like no walking while using a smart phone, to make sure your senior is staying aware of their surroundings.
  10. Home Care Services. For the ultimate reassurance, you can add home care services to your senior’s routine. Caregivers help your senior remain safe at home.

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