Benefits of Cell Phones for Seniors

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This is something we think every older adult in the South Tampa area should get on board with — having a smart phone!

It’s uncommon not to own a mobile device these days, but still, we find that many seniors don’t. Whether it’s a smart phone or a simple flip phone, having a mobile device provides numerous benefits for seniors and are worth looking into! Below, we’re giving you our top reasons why we believe that every older adult should have access to a mobile device.

Staying Entertained

Looking for a cure to the boredom your senior may have while in senior care? A smart phone could be the easiest answer. Smart phones provide an endless source of entertainment! Seniors can do everything from listen to music and books, play games that stimulate the mind, and browse virtually any topic they want online.

Keeping in Touch

Thanks to the mobile device, we have the ability to stay in constant communication with each other! For seniors, this can be a major anecdote to feelings of loneliness or isolation that are common in senior care. It’s easier to send texts and make phone and video calls these days, with more and more smart phones coming equipped with large screens and voice command capabilities. Access to friends and family is instant! Similarly, if a senior needs to make an emergency phone call, doing so is much simpler and these features can be lifesaving.

Controlling Other Smart Devices

Daily tasks and chores can be greatly reduced for seniors who have a smart phone and other smart devices throughout their home. Things like the lights, the thermostat, the TV, and even the doors and locks can all be controlled through one central platform – the phone! This makes mobile devices ideal for seniors who have issues with mobility and memory, or who don’t want the hassle or learning several different technologies.

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