How to Encourage an Elderly Loved One to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

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Developing habits for a healthy lifestyle can improve a senior’s quality of life and longevity. If you care for an elderly loved one, you want to encourage them to make healthy choices. Here are five ways to motivate your elderly loved one to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

1. Make Healthy Eating Easy

Eating nutritious foods is one of the best ways to boost a senior’s health. Your elderly loved one needs well-balanced meals full of vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, fiber and other nutrients to help their bodies function properly. 

It may be convenient to pick up fast food or open a bag of chips, but there are ways to make eating healthy quick and easy. Stocking the fridge with precut veggies and homemade meals to heat up could make your loved one more likely to skip the unhealthy snacks.

2. Do It Together

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is often easier when you have someone doing it with you. Offer to follow the same plan as your elderly loved one to show them you’re in it together. Your support can help your loved one feel less overwhelmed making lifestyle changes.

making it fun for seniors to adopt healthy habits

3. Make Healthy Habits Fun

Exercise and meal prep can often feel tedious. Adding some fun to your elderly loved one’s routine can make these healthy habits more engaging. You can ask your loved one to cook with you and find ways to make it fun. Creating food art or starting a family meal prep game can be great ways to encourage healthy eating habits.

You can also sign them up for exercise classes or activities they like. Taking a hula hoop class or joining a senior baseball league can make exercise feel more like a fun activity and less like an obligation.

4. Frame Healthy Habits in a Positive Way

Sometimes, it’s all about the way you say it. For example, telling your loved one that certain foods are “off-limits” can put a negative spin on healthy eating. Instead, try focusing on what your loved one is gaining rather than what they’re losing. Make an event out of trying new, healthy foods, or take your senior to an exercise class they’ve never tried before. Reframing healthy choices as exciting opportunities instead of losses can help your loved one feel more positive about letting go of unhealthy habits.

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5. Find Professional In-Home Care Services for Your Elderly Loved One

Being the primary caregiver for an elderly loved one can be a challenging job, and caregivers must find time to prioritize their well-being, too. At Home Care Assistance of South Tampa, we provide senior in-home care to give you the support you need to care for your elderly loved one.

Our in-home caregivers have nutrition expertise and can provide meal preparation to help your senior adopt healthier eating habits. They also encourage your loved one to exercise regularly, get social and mental stimulation and engage in other healthy habits.

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