Ways to Recognize Senior Mental Health Problems

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Is someone you love in senior home care? If so, we highly recommend being able to recognize the signs of a struggle with mental health issues. It is unfortunately all too easy to overlook or not take notice of the warning signs of anxiety and depression, both of which are common experiences among seniors in home care. This is no one’s fault since some of the signs of mental health issues are extremely subtle and hard to pick up on, while others are much easier to see. No matter what signs your senior loved one is exhibiting, know what to watch for and how to identify a possible mental health illness is key to helping your senior live a long and happy life. Read through the signs below and learn how you can take notice of both subtle and overt signs of mental health problems.

Subtle Signs

Trouble with Sleeping. Does your senior appear to be sleeping more than normal? Or maybe they’re waking up often during the night and not getting enough sleep? Poor sleeping habits are a more subtle sign of a mental health issue.

Loss of Appetite. If your senior is displaying signs of diet changes, they could be struggling. Watch your senior at meals to see if they are eating less than normal, picking at their food, or skipping meals altogether.

More Withdrawn. Reclusiveness can be harder to detect, especially if it’s happening over time and not sudden. Pay attention to if your senior is still enjoying their hobbies and interests and if they are still in good communication with family and friends.

Overt Signs

Lack of Personal Hygiene. Seniors who are neglecting personal care and grooming, such as skipping showers or brushing their teeth, are often showing one of the most obvious signs of a mental health issue.

Heavy Mood Swings. A common misconception of mental health issues is assuming that those with them are sad all the time. This is not the case. Instead, your senior will likely have big mood swings, and often. Watch to see if their behavior changes drastically and quickly.

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