Our Top 5 Favorite Senior Charities

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We love supporting charities that benefit seniors here at Home Care Assistance! It’s one of our favorite ways for us to get involved in the local communities we serve, and we place a high value on that. A lot goes into choosing an organization to support, and you’ll want to look for one with a sound reputation and many trained professionals. Here are our 5 favorite senior charities below.

Meals on Wheels America

Meals on Wheels America is seeking to serve one of the most vulnerable groups in our nation – the rapidly growing senior population. This organization is on the frontlines, delivering meals to seniors who are at-risk of isolation and hunger after losing much of their independence to the aging process. Meals on Wheels America is up to the challenge of making sure seniors are getting their nutritional and social needs met.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Individuals, families, and caregivers who are affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are in great need of support. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is here to provide them with that support as well as services and education. Alzheimer’s and dementia affect many seniors nationwide, and the AFA is constantly working towards more research, treatments, and a cure.

Second Wind Dreams

Second Wind Dreams is working to fulfill some big goals: Making the dreams of seniors a reality! This organization is changing the perception of aging by giving seniors their “second wind” and shedding a brighter light on what the aging process looks like.

Honor Flight Network

This non-profit is committed to make sure our senior Veterans are honored in a great way. By using their vast network, the Honor Flight Network helps our elderly Veterans travel to Washington D.C. to visit war memorials. They can pay their respects and spend time among the homages to their fellow service members.

Pets for the Elderly

Our pets are our family, and they bring us so much love and joy! Seniors deserve that same affection, and Pets for the Elderly makes it happen. They’re on a mission to provide seniors with companionship through pets, while saving the lives of companion animals in shelters. With a pet, seniors are far less lonely and they are given the unconditional love they deserve.

If you’d like to hear more about how to support an organization that benefits seniors, or to learn more about our senior home care services, call Home Care Assistance and schedule your consultation today!

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