Three Ways for Seniors to Stay Mentally Fit at Home

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Keeping ourselves in good physical health is imperative to our overall wellbeing and being in shape comes with many benefits that many of us are aware of. But did you know that keeping the mind mentally fit is just as important?

This is particularly true for seniors in home care! A well-functioning mind is essential for good senior health and can be achieved with several workouts for the brain. We’ve shared some of our favorite ways to stay mentally sharp below!

Word and Number Puzzles and Games

Who knew? Popular games and puzzles can help your senior get the critical thinking workout they need! Word games like word searches or crossword puzzles are effective in increasing your senior’s vocabulary and concentration level. Math games like sudoku are great for improving senior healthy by testing seniors’ numeric abilities and memory!

Drawing and Music

Encourage your senior to exercise the creative parts of their brain, too! Help them explore the arts of painting, drawing, and crafting. Whether they feel like painting a tropical sunset or building houses out of popsicle sticks, the arts allow your senior to act on their creative impulses. Music also has a positive effect on senior health and listening to some tunes will enhance your senior’s mood. It can even increase their interest levels and communication!


Learning to meditate can do wonders for your senior’s mental health! By relaxing and opening the mind, your senior can fight off any feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Meditation helps to recenter the mind and body, which is helpful if your senior has many thoughts and emotions to work through. If your senior wants to try meditation, they can visit this link for plenty of soothing guided meditations.

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