Best Activities for Seniors in the Winter Months

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A winter in Tampa, Florida is generally different from our friends to the north and west. But still, we do experience plenty of colder days, and those can make it a challenge for seniors to get outdoors and stay active! But what if you embraced the cooler temps this season and saw new opportunities for activities? Take a look at our top tips below to stay active!

Stay Physically Active Whether You are Inside or Out!

Add another layer of clothing and head outside anyway!

Maybe you just need to put on a few extra layers this winter, but you can still head outside anyways for a walk and to enjoy the fresh Florida air!

If prefer to stay indoors, you can still get moving around your home.

We get it – the cold just isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Thankfully, there are a bunch of ways to stay active inside your own home. For instance, create a dedicated space to house workout equipment like resistance bands or weights! You can even do a few home chores, like vacuuming or reorganizing, and you’ll work up a sweat in no time.

Being Active is Not Limited to Physical Activity.

Stimulate your mind and play a few games!

An important factor to remain active this winter to care for your mind in addition to your body. It’s great for seniors to challenge their minds with activities like jigsaw or crossword puzzles, board games, and other word games! They are fun and they keep the mind sharp.

Stay socially active!

Don’t forget about being social either! Social activity is healthy and can be accomplished by joining a club, either virtually or in-person, to connect with other like-minded older adults. And a bonus – if your club is geared towards fitness, then you can get both social and physical activity at the same time!

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