Why Older Adults are Higher Risk for Coronavirus

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What’s one of the things that has remained constant during the progression of the Coronavirus? Older Adults continue to be categorized as a group that is most at risk of catching the disease. There are multiple reasons why seniors are more susceptible, and we’re discussing them below.

But please do not panic – we’re also sharing how your seniors loved one can stay healthy during these times.

Why Are Older Adults More at Risk?

What seniors have working against them is really just age. As we age, our immune systems deteriorate and grow weaker, making seniors twice as likely to contract Coronavirus. A weak immune system cannot fight off infection or disease very well, and it cannot help the body repair and recovery as well should a senior contract the virus. Also affected are the lungs, which lose elasticity and resiliency with age. Since Coronavirus is known for causing difficulty breathing, this makes the virus that much more dangerous to seniors.

How Can Older Adults Protect Themselves?

Limit Visitations

While the pandemic lasts, you will need to consider scaling back how often you (and others) visit with your seniors. For your senior’s safety, try video calling or phone calling to keep in touch in place of visiting in-person. Limiting visitations also include how often your senior is going to doctor appointments. Call their doctor first to ensure their appointment is medically necessary or if it can be rescheduled at a later date.

Follow Guidelines

It’s advised by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Seniors should use an alcohol-based soap and wash for 20 seconds each wash. Also encourage them to disinfectant frequently touched surfaces like countertops and doorknobs, where germs can sit. Lastly, your senior should wear a mask for their protection if they are heading into a public place or visiting with family and friends.

Have Supplies

Keep your senior well-stocked on supplies! You don’t want them running out of the basics during quarantine or isolation. Check their supply of toilet paper, soap, and disinfectants as well as any routine medications they need. And, of course, food! Touch base with them weekly to see which of these supplies they may need to be replenished.

For details on how to keep your senior loved one safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, please contact our experts at Home Care Assistance to schedule your consultation.

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